Let me share with you the story of a friend who almost ruined his life because of drug abuse.

By day, he looked like just anybody else, dressed up for work and ready to take on the day with a determination fit of a person who wishes to climb the corporate ladder. However, he hid a secret. He was a drug user.

He uses marijuana, and defends himself by saying that other countries allow the leisurely use of such drug, so why can’t he? If people in other places are able to get away without getting sick, then what does he have to worry about? After all, it did help him with his depression. The good friend that I was, I tried to talk him out of using it, not because I did not believe in the health benefits it gives, but because I know that sooner or later, it might cause him his steadily rising career.

A few months later, I was not wrong at all. His company announced that all employees will undergo a drug test.He had to find out how to pass a urine drug test the soonest possible time or else his career would be over.

He went to me crying, and saying how stupid he was for not listening to me and my advice. I told him to calm down so that we could both find a solution to the most pressing issue at the moment – to find a urine cleanser that can let him pass his drug test.

We searched the Internet for answers and came across magnum detox synthetic urine. We read through every detail of the product and even rehearsed how he was going to go about passing the synthetic urine to the testers instead of his own.

Thankfully, he was able to successfully do the switch and his results came out negative. Since the incident, he has promised me that he will stop taking in the drug and would instead focus on rehabilitating himself. He realizes that beyond the health benefits of marijuana, he has his career to take care of and if the law does not yet permit him to take it here in the area, then he has to abide. He just hopes that someday, the government would be able to appreciate the benefits of this drug and would allow people to take it, even just for those who can get a prescription of it (since in his case, it helps with his depression).

As a way to distract him from marijuana, I was able to encourage him to try doing the Paleo Diet instead. This would not only help him get distracted from the thoughts of hitting marijauana again, but would also help him detoxify his body so that the next time a urine drug test is conducted, he will be able to pass it without the need for fake urine.