Paleo Diet: Why Is It Popular?

Paleo Diet Likened To Passing a Drug Test
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The Paleo diet started thousands of years ago. During the primitive times, people were eating raw and salt-less foods. They were healthy and lived longer as compared to people of today. Paleo is a short term for “Paleolithic diet.” A lot of people today prefer this diet program because it keeps their body healthy, fitter, and leaner. Other names for Paleo diet includes Stone Age diet, Hunter-Gather diet, Caveman’s diet, and Primal Blueprint diet. Since we are now in the modern age, nutritionists have come up with several tweaks to make the diet easy, adaptable, and more appealing to dieters. The advocates of Paleo diet believe that most people have unhealthy eating habit, which leads to the development of various health diseases and illnesses such as heart diseases, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer.

Diets like the Paleo Diet have been constantly evolving and hoarding the attention of people because in this time and age, healthy living has become a very difficult task to achieve. This is greatly attributed to the fact that people have easy access to a lot of unhealthy meals – junk food, fast food, instant food, GMO, preservatives, etc. To add to the troubles is the fact that some state have approved the medical and recreational use of marijuana. While there are strong advocates that support how this drug is more beneficial and healthy more than harmful, some people have sometimes lost their healthy mental state in the quest to get rid of the drug traces in their body in order to pass a drug test and not lose their jobs.

Indeed, the world has become a “dangerous” and “unhealthy” place by default, and it is up to the perseverance and willpower of each individual to try and deviate from that default path and take on a healthier road in life.

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