Let me share with you the story of a friend who almost ruined his life because of drug abuse.

By day, he looked like just anybody else, dressed up for work and ready to take on the day with a determination fit of a person who wishes to climb the corporate ladder. However, he hid a secret. He was a drug user.

He uses marijuana, and defends himself by saying that other countries allow the leisurely use of such drug, so why can’t he? If people in other places are able to get away without getting sick, then what does he have to worry about? After all, it did help him with his depression. The good friend that I was, I tried to talk him out of using it, not because I did not believe in the health benefits it gives, but because I know that sooner or later, it might cause him his steadily rising career.

A few months later, I was not wrong at all. His company announced that all employees will undergo a drug test.He had to find out how to pass a urine drug test the soonest possible time or else his career would be over.

He went to me crying, and saying how stupid he was for not listening to me and my advice. I told him to calm down so that we could both find a solution to the most pressing issue at the moment – to find a urine cleanser that can let him pass his drug test.

We searched the Internet for answers and came across magnum detox synthetic urine. We read through every detail of the product and even rehearsed how he was going to go about passing the synthetic urine to the testers instead of his own.

Thankfully, he was able to successfully do the switch and his results came out negative. Since the incident, he has promised me that he will stop taking in the drug and would instead focus on rehabilitating himself. He realizes that beyond the health benefits of marijuana, he has his career to take care of and if the law does not yet permit him to take it here in the area, then he has to abide. He just hopes that someday, the government would be able to appreciate the benefits of this drug and would allow people to take it, even just for those who can get a prescription of it (since in his case, it helps with his depression).

As a way to distract him from marijuana, I was able to encourage him to try doing the Paleo Diet instead. This would not only help him get distracted from the thoughts of hitting marijauana again, but would also help him detoxify his body so that the next time a urine drug test is conducted, he will be able to pass it without the need for fake urine.

Paleo diet is one of the best forms of dietary habit. It is almost as effective as using synthetic urine when trying to pass a surprise drug test. However, just like when things go wrong upon the misuse of fake urine, not everyone is getting the result they want with Paleo diet, all because of the following reasons:

  • Too much intake of nuts – Nuts contain a high amount of fiber, calories, and vitamin E. The problem with this type of food is it is not healthy for people with digestive problems. If you have diarrhea of constipation, then you should limit your intake of nuts.
  • Insufficient intake of carbohydrates – Those who engage in Paleo diet avoid taking too much carbohydrates, which resulted to low energy level. Remember that carbohydrates fuel the body, without them your body will not as energize as before. Insufficient level of carbohydrates can lead to problems of the thyroid and adrenal glands.
  • Too little salt in the diet – a lot of people have this notion in mind that too much salt in the diet is bad for the health. Well, the truth of the matter is even too little salt can affect your health. Those who follow Paleo diet usually have a low blood pressure (hypotension). Try adding a bit more salt in your diet to prevent hypotension.
  • Eating highly processed foods – Paleo diet is all about eating foods in their natural form. In other words, you should avoid highly processed foods including instant noodles, canned goods, nut flours, nut milks, and the likes. However, some people unconsciously eat these types of foods. What’s even worst is that these foods are hyper-palatable. Once you eat them, you crave for them even more. So, might as well completely avoid highly processed foods.
  • Avoiding exercise – If your primary reason for engaging in Paleo diet is to lose weight, then you should see to it that you exercise regularly. You don’t have to perform complex exercises. A simple exercise such as 15 to 20 minutes of walking a day is enough to speed up the weight loss process. Exercise and Paleo diet will not only help you lose weight but also helps you live a healthier and fruitful life.
Paleo Diet for weight loss enthusiasts Is as Effective As Synthetic Urine For Users
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Paleo diet does work as long as you religiously follow the rules and principles of the diet program. Just like any other forms of diet, you have to partner it with exercise and healthy lifestyle because only then you will get the most out of the diet program. Lastly, you should carefully track down your progress. That way, you will know whether the diet works for you or not.

Paleo Diet Likened To Passing a Drug Test
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The Paleo diet started thousands of years ago. During the primitive times, people were eating raw and salt-less foods. They were healthy and lived longer as compared to people of today. Paleo is a short term for “Paleolithic diet.” A lot of people today prefer this diet program because it keeps their body healthy, fitter, and leaner. Other names for Paleo diet includes Stone Age diet, Hunter-Gather diet, Caveman’s diet, and Primal Blueprint diet. Since we are now in the modern age, nutritionists have come up with several tweaks to make the diet easy, adaptable, and more appealing to dieters. The advocates of Paleo diet believe that most people have unhealthy eating habit, which leads to the development of various health diseases and illnesses such as heart diseases, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer.

Diets like the Paleo Diet have been constantly evolving and hoarding the attention of people because in this time and age, healthy living has become a very difficult task to achieve. This is greatly attributed to the fact that people have easy access to a lot of unhealthy meals – junk food, fast food, instant food, GMO, preservatives, etc. To add to the troubles is the fact that some state have approved the medical and recreational use of marijuana. While there are strong advocates that support how this drug is more beneficial and healthy more than harmful, some people have sometimes lost their healthy mental state in the quest to get rid of the drug traces in their body in order to pass a drug test and not lose their jobs.

Indeed, the world has become a “dangerous” and “unhealthy” place by default, and it is up to the perseverance and willpower of each individual to try and deviate from that default path and take on a healthier road in life.

Healthy Paleo Diet For People Who Wish to get rid of fats as much as they want to get rid of marijuana traces in their body
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One of the primary reasons why so many people are hooked in this diet program called Paleo Diet is its promise of healthy weight loss. The dieters get to eat wholesome nutrient-dense foods and completely avoid highly processed foods including foods with too much salt, oil, and grains. The foods they eat are those fresh and in season. All foods tagged as toxic and can harm the immune system and the digestive function should be avoided.

Another great thing about this diet is that you will not only lose weight but at the same time maintain a health mind and body. Foods that trigger allergens are also avoided including refined sugar, dairy, gluten, corn, and soy. Once these foods are avoided, you will surely suppress allergens and be able to prevent allergic reactions.

Losing weight is something that everybody dreams of. The desire to lose fats can be compared to how some people have great desire to get rid of drug substances in their body in order to pass a drug test. Many people keep on checking their calorie intake so that they can track the progress of their weight loss. As with Paleo diet, you can stop fussing over your calorie intake. You need not to track down your calorie intake as long as you strictly adhere with the diet principles. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to take three to four meals a day to nourish the body with essential nutrients. You just have to eat whenever you feel like it. Do not deprive your body with calorie because you need it to get your body going. Paleo diet is the best dietary regimen for people who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body and mind.